Today Formula Working and not Working

Hey Folks,

I'm having trouble the column HELPER|Today & Safety Issue (Not R/Y). That column should only say "Yes" when the submission was for Today, the HELPER|Today & Staffing Level is Blank and the Safety Issues is "Yes".

The formula in that column works for the past submissions and todays submissions but is saying that a submission from yesterday (5/8/23) meets that criteria even though it does not. The formula works for all the submissions except that one and I cannot figure out why.

I pasted the Formulas below for the three columns in gray below:

HELPER|Staffing Level - =IF(OR([Staffing Level]@row = "Red", [Staffing Level]@row = "Yellow"), "Yes", "")

HELPER|Today & Staffing Level - =IF(AND(Submitted@row = TODAY(), [HELPER|Staffing Level]@row = "Yes"), "Yes", "")

HELPER|Today & Safety Issue (Not R/Y) - =IF(AND(Submitted@row = TODAY(), [HELPER|Staffing Level]@row = "", [Safety Issues]@row = "Yes"), "Yes", "")

Thank you!



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