Restrict columns like a report but allow users to sort and filter


Hello, I need to provide my users with a limited view of a sheet (only the columns they are concerned with) while also allowing them to freely sort and filter. This is almost exactly what the Report feature does, but unlicensed users cannot sort or filter. How can I provide the functionality of restricting which columns are visible while also allowing a user to sort and filter?

I could generate the exact report that exact need with Power BI for example except they would not be able to actually edit it. It sounds like Dynamic View may be able to do this, but I am not 100% sure. Also, it is unlikely we can purchase a license for that since this would be the only project we would use it for.

Any thoughts? It is so remarkably close to being what we need, yet the small gap between what capabilities the Report offers versus what is needed make a huge difference. This small gap of functionality will definitely be enough to have to use a different platform or be unable to upgrade our process.

Thank you!