JOIN IF formula help!

I'm looking to Join 2 contact columns into 1 text column* with something to space the 2 values out so the names in the formula column do not run together w/out spaces.

The problem with this is that if there is a missing value in 1 or both reference columns, the character I'm using to space (" | ") appears for no reason.

IMAGE OF ISSUE BELOW: The first row is appearing correctly, but all rows beneath are displaying my problem.

FORMULA CURRENTLY IN USE: =[Neo Exec]@row + " | " + [Neo Coordinator]@row

I think I need to incorporate an "IF" statement so that the spacing character does not appear unless it is needed (i.e., unless there is a value in BOTH columns, not just 1 column, and definitely not if both columns are blank!), but I haven't been able to crack exactly how to phrase it (my formula work/knowledge is limited, as you can see).

THANK YOU in advance, for any help/tips/suggestions!!!


(*I'm applying this formula to a text column as I do not believe it's possible to make a contact column a formula column, but if anyone knows of a workaround to make that a reality, I would be anxious to hear it!)


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