How can I update multiple sheets

Hi Everyone,

I am using Smartsheet to manage our IT Projects and want to know how to synchronize the data from one sheet with the corresponding cells in another sheet.

Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. I have a sheet named "IT Projects" (projects entered via a form)
  2. Within the "IT Projects" sheet, I have a column named "Phase" that tracks the various phases a project will go thru; (Phase is updated via automated workflow)
  3. I have multiple sheets named "Department 1", "Department 2", "Department 3", etc
  4. When a project is initially submitted to "IT Projects", I make a copy of the row to one of the Department sheets (based on whatever department is selected in the form)
  5. As a project goes thru the project lifecycle, the "Phase" column in the "IT Projects" sheet will change (based on a workflow)
  6. How do I make sure the "Phase" cell in the Department sheet also gets updated?

I anticipate ~100 projects per year (if not more) will be added to this system.

I thought about cell linking, but that requires manual work and not sustainable.

I could probably use an API but that's a little bit over my head technically.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

thank you!


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