Alternative to "TODAY Function"


Problem: any changes/saves to any line, changes the "modified by/date" to ALL lines. This is annoying as I have no idea who made that change or when, as it constantly shows me....

After much research, it was determined the culprit is the "TODAY" function.

therefore, I need to remove this function and replace it with something else.

for example, to determine my schedule health, I'm using this

=IFERROR((IF(OR(Start@row = "", Start@row > TODAY()), "Blue", IF(OR([% Complete]@row = 1, Finish@row > TODAY(+[Task Duration Health Workdays]#)), "Green", IF(Finish@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF(NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row) < [Task Duration Health Workdays]#, "Yellow", "Green"))))), "")

what do you suggest I can use to REPLACE the "Today" function?

thank you


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