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Having to unhide all columns at once can be overwhelming for new users. From a developer stand point, it's horrible. I usually have to unhide all columns to develop automations and procedures through multiple sheets and reports. Just to properly set up a lookup function can be difficult for new employees who haven't used our procedures much.

It's not a big problem if 1 person is running the show, but as soon as multiple brains get put together and want to start developing procedures within their own departments, data can be easily forgotten and duplicated.

Some sort of task manager to show a list of the columns with the ability to possibly check/uncheck the individual columns that you want to be shown would be great! It can be set up on the right side bar and operate the same as the rest, within that bar, having the window that slides out after making a selection.

Like I mentioned above, as soon as there's more than 1 person working within the same sheet, confusion can easily be caused by a mis-click and the feeling of "starting over" the task (hiding columns) comes on.

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    Unfortunately, this is not a feature yet. I would looooove this feature as well. There is an idea for this in the Feedback and Ideas section. Upvote it here. The more upvotes, the higher it becomes on the priority list for Smartsheet.

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