Calculate when Status is New and Recipient has received minimum of 1 of each type of Award



I have a Smartsheet for team recognitions, that has column Recipient (dropdown list with approx. ~100 contact names), Recognition Theme (drop down list with 4 themes) and a column for Status (dropdown with ‘New’ and ‘Processed’). I am trying to build a formula to calculate when Status is New and a Recipient has received minimum of 1 of each type of Recognition Theme. When this criteria is met, the answer to be populated is TRUE. 

Thank you

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  • Naina Dave
    Naina Dave ✭✭✭✭
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    Hey Paul,

    I am using that field for automated alert notification for someone to take next step actions. I don't necessarily need to change the 1 to TRUE or YES or anything else, but because the alert is going to someone else, I thought it might be less confusing for the person receiving the alert to see words instead of numbers. I have added a new column with auto-calculated field with YES/NO response and basing my alert on that. Thank you very much for your help.


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