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edited 06/02/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hello keep getting a syntax error. Formula I'm using is:

=IF(AND(ISDATE([Start]1), ISNUMBER([Completion Before Event Date]@row)), [Start]1 - [Completion Before Event Date]@row & "D", "")

What I'm wanting the formula to do is refer to the event date listed on row 1 in the "Start" column as the main date. The below columns should subtract the days in the "Completion Before Event Date" column and determine the "Deadline" column date for each row.

Secondly, the other formula should then look at the "deadline" column date and subtract the "Days Duration" column to then determine the "Start" date" for each task.

=IF(AND(ISDATE(Deadline@row), ISNUMBER([Days Duration]@row)), Deadline@row - [Days Duration]@row, "")

If the days duration is blank it can return the deadline date.

Ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!


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