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  • Diana1230

    Hi @Paul Newcome,

    Thanks for sharing. I'm a newbie in the Smartsheet world and I've loved all the automations that we can create out of it. So, I've been trying to apply the formula below for pulling in serial numbers on the Document ID column, without luck yet😅. Would you be able to guide me how to do it whit the set of colums in the image attached?

    =LEFT(Type@row) + "-" + IF(COUNTIFS(Type:Type, @cell = Type@row, Auto:Auto, @cell<= Auto@row)< 10, "00", IF(COUNTIFS(Type:Type, @cell = Type@row, Auto:Auto, @cell<= Auto@row)< 100, "0")) + "" + COUNTIFS(Type:Type, @cell = Type@row, Auto:Auto, @cell<= Auto@row)

    Many thanks,


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I’m not exactly sure what your trying to do, but one show stopper is the LEFT and RIGHT functions need to indicate the number of characters to collect. I’ve assumed you want to collect two characters below. (If “Type@row” was the word “able”, “LEFT(Type@row, 2)” would be “ab”, the first two letters). You don’t need the @cell references, they’re assumed for these functions. After the second portion of the ID, you have:


    which literally adds nothing. did you intend that? I put a hyphen in the parenthesis because that seemed logical.

    =LEFT(Type@row, 2) + "-" + IF(COUNTIFS(Type:Type, Type@row, Auto:Auto, <= Auto@row)< 10, "00", IF(COUNTIFS(Type:Type, Type@row, Auto:Auto, <= Auto@row)< 100, "0")) + "-" + COUNTIFS(Type:Type, Type@row, Auto:Auto, <= Auto@row)

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