How to make a manual Row ID based on conditions?

Gabriel Barrera
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I'm not even sure if this is possible but I invite all the formula wizards to take a crack at it!

I have this intake sheet with 10 rows, all that have a corresponding auto-generated Row ID from the system column. Row 1 is 23-001, row 2 is 23-002, row 3 is 23-003, etc. When a project gets approved, I want another column, lets call it 'Salutation', to pull that Row ID. Otherwise, the 'Salutation' column will be left blank. For example:

Row 1 gets approved. Row 2 gets denied. Row 3 gets approved. So the 'Salutation' for 1 will get triggered to pull the Row ID and it will show "23-001". But then, I want row 3 to pull what Row 2 would have gotten if it was approved. Meaning, I don't want row 3's 'Salutation' to be "23-003". I want it to be "23-002". I always want the 'Salutation' column to grab what's next in line if that makes sense.

Is there a formula that can achieve this?


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
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    Hi @Gabriel Barrera

    Here's an example formula that may be able to help you:

    =IF(Status@row <> "Approved", "", INDEX([Row ID]:[Row ID], COUNTIF(Status$1:Status@row, "Approved")))

    This first says, if the Status is not approved, then return a blank cell.

    =IF(Status@row <> "Approved", "",

    Otherwise, use the INDEX function to look into the Row ID column and bring back the row on the list that's the same number of "Approved" rows there are, specific to this current row.

    Notice that the COUNTIF function references the top row cell: Status$1 and then the range goes down to the current row cell: Status@row

    Because of this, you won't be able to turn it into a column formula. However you can drag-fill this down the column and then all new rows will auto-populate with the formula as long as new rows are added immediately under current rows. See: Use or Override Automatic Formatting and Formula Autofill



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