Formula for counting Invites and number of guests associated with that invite


Hello, this is a fairly easy one, but I am stumped so wanted to see if anyone could help. I have a list of people I am inviting to an event. Some invites have 1 total invite and some invites have 2 total invites. I have a column for a count to specify whether it's 1 or 2 invites going out and then a column that says "Yes" for whether or not they are getting invited. I need to be able to count the total number of invites that will be sent out...I tried a few SUMIF and SUMIFS formulas but wasnt able to get it to work



  • Andy Taylor

    Rather than use Sumif or Sumifs, instead, I would leverage Countif or Countifs

    You can set multiple parameters on Countifs, which would count the total number of invites sent if you set a 2*(countifs) for the invites of 2 people.

    and then, as an outstanding project manager, you can track the total RSVPs, by dividing the RSVPs by the total invites.

    Sounds like a fun party, enjoy.

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