result with index/match but not index/collect


I have a formula with multiple conditions, so I used index/collect to pull the data. However, that didn't pull the data.

Basically, if the ID# in sheet A matches sheet B and the details column in sheet A is not blank, it should pull the details in sheet A.

=IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT({details}, {ID#}, [ID#]@row, {details}, <>""), 1), "")

Should be pretty straightforward forward right?

So I tried index/match: =IFERROR(INDEX({deails}, MATCH([ID#]@row, {ID#}, 0)), "")

which of course, it pulls the data. But I need more than one criteria, so index/match isn't my solution.

Does anyone know why it wouldn't pull the data with index/collect?


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