Please assist with this formula. Thanks.

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All data is in a single sheet.

I need all rows in a column titled "Status" to be populated with "APPROVED" when the following conditions are met: "Yes" in column titled "BU Approval", "Green" or "Yellow" in column titled "B", "Accepted" or "N/A" in column titled "C", date in column titled "D" is today or in future, Box in column titled "E" is checked.

Here's the formula in column "Status" with "unparseable" error

=IFERROR ((AND [A] @row="Yes", [B] @row="Green" "Yellow", [C] @row="Accepted" "N/A", [D] @row>=TODAY (), [E] @row=1, "APPROVED"), "")

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  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @AnnS,

    You need some OR statements in there for the multiple options:

    =IF(AND([BU Approval]@row = "Yes", OR(B@row = "Green", B@row = "Yellow"), OR(C@row = "Accepted", C@row = "N/A"), D@row >= TODAY(), E@row = 1), "APPROVED", "")

    Example output:

    Hope this helps - if there any issues just post and we can work them out!


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