Onboarding multiple accounts

edited 06/19/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I've just started using Smartsheet because visually this makes the most sense to me and I love the customization. I'm trying to figure out how to track on boarding of multiple accounts.

I am in the B2B world and I have 30+ accounts right now to set up with on board. I have to tasks that my business needs to be responsible for and I have to track an email onboarding series for my accounts.

I have an onboarding template that I've customized to fit my needs and this template is used for each account. I don't see a way to have one master sheet that just contains tabs so that all of this information is kept in one place. When making a dashboard it seems that you can't connect multiple data sources, or a workspace. I want to see in total how many outstanding/in progress/completed tasks I have across all my data.

Am I missing something that is very obvious?