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How do I to share a link to a sheet that is filtered and has hidden columns to someone that does not have Smartsheet access? This is going out to the public to provide information to me and I don't want them to see what is already been shared by others. It can't be a form because they need to be able to drag repetitive information down a column or copy paste to other rows.

When I tried to share the link it was showing all the information.

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    Hi @Connie Cochran

    To get the same result, I would take the following method.

    • Create a sheet for each user group that needs to have their sheet edited, publish and share the link.
    • Each user group will have access to all the columns on their sheet.
    • (Even if you hide the columns, they are still accessible through Edit in the Rows menu.)
    • So each time a row is added or changed, copy the row to the master sheet with workflow automation.
    • In the master sheet, you can add columns that you do not want Groups A, B, and other user groups to see.

    This way, Groups A and B cannot see each other's information, while the administrator can access A and B's information on the master sheet and do administrative work with columns not shown to A and B.

    Please take a look at the published Dashboard.


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