SUMIFS Formula for Column with Various Possible Returns


Hi there! I am a big Excel user switching to Smartsheet and need help with a SUMIFS formula.

In Excel, the formula was:

=SUM(SUMIFS('Outside Counsel Invoices'!$G:$G,'Outside Counsel Invoices'!$M:$M,"FY23",'Outside Counsel Invoices'!$D:$D,{"=7607","=7607*"}))

Since Wildcards (*) are not used in Smartsheet, I am struggling with creating a SUMIFS formula that looks for multiple variations of a number in a column. In the example above, I want the formula to find any variation of 7607 in that column. By variations, sometimes the number will be 7607 or 7607-1 or 7607-2, ect.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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