Meet Neil Watson, our June Member Spotlight! πŸŽ‰

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Put your hands together for @Neil Watson, our June Member Spotlight and one of our Community Champions! Neil is an Operations Capability Lead for Orora, a packaging and containers manufacturing. He calls Adelaide, Australia home.

Neil says when he first found Smartsheet, he was looking for a solution to support areas like initiative management and team collaboration. What he found was so much more, saying it's been used in "fantastic and creative ways throughout the organization."

"Smartsheet has been instrumental in supporting our journey away from paper and towards digitizing," he says. "Coupled with tablets, we use it on the shop floor in several of our factories to capture information once and then use that data for daily meetings and reporting. I heard the concept of OHIO once - Only Handle It Once - and Smartsheet has helped us reduce duplication and load on team members."

Neil credits the Community with inspiring him to use Smartsheet in new ways. "I started as I suppose most do, by searching for topics and answers from others," he explains. "I was amazed by the people who jumped in and offered solutions on how to solve problems. The elegance and complexity of these solutions opened the door for me in terms of what I could do." In fact, Neil says he had a Smartsheet "scratchpad" where he would record his favorite solutions by fellow members.

At the moment, Neil is using a combination of WorkApps and Dynamic View to create solutions that allow teams to see information in new ways while updating processes. When he's not collaborating and thinking differently, Neil enjoys cooking, especially BBQ'ing on his Weber.


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