Fleet Follow up


Hi All,

I am looking for a fleet follow up.

the difficulty i have is that 1 Truck or trailer can have multiple type of inspection and also multiple dates.

For example

TVP62 ( truck number)

First one is Technical inspection + service

Appointment date garage is 29/09/2023 ( date when the unit needs to be at the garage)

End Date 30/09/2023 ( expected final date of service in garage )

Technical inspection Date 10/11/2023 if unit doesn't get a new inspection before that date, you may not use the vehcile anymore

Second type of inspection is GDP

To get the license we need to do calibration on our truck yearly

so same as above

We have an appointment date 28/04/2023

Expected final end date 28/04/2023

Calibration needs to be done before 29/04/2023

we have 80 trucks and 150 trailer to do

i want that smartsheet show us 30days before appointment which trailer or trucks will have an appointment at which garage. and this for all types of inspections

Also it needs toe be clear which went to garage and which not, docs rcvd etc...