Introduction - Looking forward to collaborating

Hello Community,

My name is Derek Semmler and I am the Sr. Director of IT Enterprise Applications at a biotech company. Prior to joining my current company, I spent 20+ years with a large pharma company and then four years with a CRO - neither of which were open to adopting Smartsheet. Much to my surprise, my current company had a limited number of licenses for Smartsheet but there was very little engagement.

Since realizing that, I have now introduced the tool as our standard toolset for our Portfolio & Program Management team and prior to that started with a few use cases for our IT team to utilize. Those use cases include our Computer System Inventory, a basic Contract Lifecycle Management solution, and managing our recent office move.

I regularly spend time exploring ideas on how our IT team, or other teams across the organization, can be creative and utilize Smartsheet to streamline some of our processes. Looking forward to being part of the Community and learning / sharing with others. Please feel free to reach out if I may be able to help or share feedback on anything I have done with Smartsheet thus far.