Smartsheet Notification settings

Hi, I would like to ask where I can find the settings to change the email address when the owner acc forwards a notification email to other emails automatically.

I tried to find it in the automation but there is no file created to do this settings. And personal settings do not have this option as well.

It was set by my senior who already resign before I join the company and there is no one here who knows how to do it.

This notification comes from the overall notification.


  • Adriane Price
    Adriane Price ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Happy - Hello

    Are you wanting to change what Smartsheet sends out so that when the user forwards the notification it does not show the resigned persons email?

    If so then you will need access as an Admin/Owner to the Smartsheet that the person who resigned. Next you would look at the automations of that sheet that is sending the notification by clicking Manage workflows.

    Then you would need to update the workflow to either come from your organization, smartsheet automation or triggering user.