Extracting data from bulk sheets


Hi all!! I don't know if this is possible - we use Smartsheet for all our clients, so over 1000 people complete a type of exam in their own sheet, and have a linked dashboard (both in theor own folder). We look at their pie chart widget in their dashboard to track how far through their assessment they are.

Basically in my Smartsheet account I have around 1000 folders, with a sheet and dashboard in all of them.

I don't know of it's possible...but can you pull data from all the dashboards to create one dashboard - where I can get some averages? Eg. A pie chart that shows me 70% of the clients have finished their exam?

Is this a far off dream or is it possible to pull data from bulk sheets without doing it manually?


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    hi @Cazza2 , that sounds not fun. Can you create a summary report pointing at all your sheets and get some averages on that report, then pull the graphs from the report? You could also use cell linking to bring the data into a single sheet, if it’s in a static place, and then summarize the data. Anything at the level of “1000 sheets” is fairly hard to manage, however. I would do it by writing Python code to pull the data via the API, because that’s a lot to manage manually.