Creating Column with fomula using Control Center returns UNPARSEABLE

Cecilie ✭✭
edited 07/05/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hello everyone!

I am running into an issue when using Control Center to create new columns with formulas across my active projects. I have already tried the column with the formula in one of these sheets and everything works fine there.

However, in testing and creating the columns using Control Center, it returns the UNPARSEABLE error in every cell. Strangely, if I delete the fomula and paste it in again, everything works as it should. Simply clicking Enter inside the cell does not work.

The column is set to a checkbox, which, using a fomula, checks for workdays. I have set the default cell fomula to =NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(); TODAY())

Seeing as the fomula works fine if I write it in manually, I am guessing the issue is with how the default cell value works, or how Control Center populates these cells. Though, I am fairly new to Smartsheet and Control Center, so perhaps I have overlooked something.

Any ideas?


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