Sheet Summary COUNTIF error when summarising formula driven cells.

Hi all,

I'm creating a sheet summary report with the intention of summarising when passed tasks were completed relative to planned completion data i.e. early, on time, late.

To do this, I'm using an =IF formula (which works) to define how to label tasks in my "Completion" column based on whether the 'Actual Completion Date' is before, on, or after the 'Target Milestone Date'.

I'm then using a COUNTIF formula to summarise the number of tasks which meet each condition. e.g. =COUNTIF(Completion:Completion, "Missed")

However, I'm receiving an #INVALID OPERATION error on the "Completion" formula. This doesn't occur on simple COUNTS, or on COUNTIF where the range isn't referencing formula driven cells, so I'm wondering whether this is the issue. To further confuse matters, I've used this formula before, and have live examples of sheets using the same formula for columns containing formula driven cells.

Any help appreciated.


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