Signing in/out on construction site


We’re trying to set up a way for our operatives to sign in and out of a construction site by scanning a QR code at the entrance/exit.

We’ve got the basics sorted, a QR code that they can scan which then opens a short form for them to fill in with their name and company they work for and then submit to either sign in or out dependent on which QR code they have scanned

This then transfers on to a sheet that our site manager can use to see who is on site at any one time.

The issue we’re having is that each entry, signing in or out creates a new row. Is there a way that once somebody has signed in and their row is created, that when they come to sign out, they sign out on the same row as they signed in rather than creating a new row ?


  • Heather Max
    Heather Max ✭✭✭

    I'm no expert or anything but I wonder if you need an update request automation to help with this? You could have them include an email address when they sign in on the form (or require them to sign in to smartsheet when filling out the form which will log their email tied to their account whether its a free account or licensed)

    Then when they submit the Sign in form they get an email for an "Update Request" form , they click the link and update when they left, this will keep it all in one row. You could even have the form include one simple field with a check box of "exit" , then they hit submit. It logs that they have left the building and gives you a timestamp of when they left.