Is this possible?

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I have a project plan within control center and every time I create a new project, this template will be populated.

Within the template we added the formula (see below) so that each time someone adds 'In progress' to a step, it will show up in the 'current Phase' line designated for. I hope all clear this far.

I was asked to create a Dashboard to have a view on the progress for each step of each project plan. I believe I can do it via a Report, but this will mean adding every single project as the sheet source which I don't really want to do and I can also do 'Link from cell in another sheet' but that would be something manual for each project.

The goal is to show whatever step is inside that 'current Phase' (for every single project that I will create) inside my Master sheet. Inside my Master sheet I created a column called 'Datasheet Status'. So I would like to see the steps people are working at the moment within each individual project plan, inside my Master Sheet.

Is it possible? Please don't ask me to send template or things via email - I would like the answer in here so that it can also help other people if they need to do the same thing.

Many thanks


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