Is there a possibility of doing this?


I have a project plan within control center. Each time I create a project, the same template will be used and populated accordingly.

Within the project plan template, we created a formula that when someone updates the status of one of the steps from 'Not started' to 'In Progress' the step will show in the 'Current Phase' section. Once this step goes to 'Complete' the current Phase section will go back to 'Not started' until they move to another step and update the status. I hope all is clear so far.

I've been asked to create a Dashboard to show the progress of each step within each project. I believe I can do this by creating a report (but this would mean adding every single project plan as the source sheet) and I don't want to do that; and I can also Link the specific cell in the 'current phase' inside each project plan within a column I created in the Master sheet called 'Datasheet status' but again, very manual.

Is there a way to do this with a formula or within control center?

The goal is to show whatever step people are within their project plan, (from that cell called 'current phase') inside my Master sheet 'Datasheet status' in a way that of course is connected specifically to their project.

Many thanks


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