Multiple IF to get change in progress of Status


I want my Live Status column to change as the stage progress, For ex; if my Status LO is complete my live status column should get status change to "LO Complete" and when Status LO Lock (LDS R1) changes to "Complete" the live status should change to " LO Lock(LDS R1) Complete" and so on


  • AravindGP
    AravindGP ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Sagar_1993

    Here's the formula you can use as a start and keep adding the fields as you go. Formulas are read from left to right. So, the last status you want should be the first IF statement.

    =IF([Status LO Lock (LDS R1)]@row="Complete", "LO Lock(LDS R1) Complete", IF([Status LO]@row="Complete", "LO Complete"))



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