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Hi all. I need help. I have a form where people can complete to be able to sign-up for newsletters around certain topics (screenshot 1 below are responses from form). From there, on another sheet, I want to identify the subscriber for each newsletter topic (screenshot #2 below). I think I have done this before using a Join(Collect or Index(Match with "HAS" - but despite searching the community and trying several formulas, I'm failing. Anyone have an idea?

On screenshot #2, Sally Smith and Jim Jones should be listed next to commercial and government affairs and Sally Smith should be the only one listed by Labor & Employment, Litigation, and Privacy.

Thank you in advance for your help (and ideas),


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @JLen

    You are correct! JOIN(COLLECT with HAS should get this data for you. Try something like this:

    =JOIN(COLLECT({Email Column}, {Type of Newsletter Column}, HAS(@cell, Newsletter@row)), CHAR(10))

    I've used a line break as the value to Join by, so that you can use Wrap Text to see each email on its own line in the same cell. See: Gather all matching content into one cell

    Let us know if this works for you!



  • JLen
    JLen ✭✭✭✭
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    @Genevieve P. - I have a follow-up to this. The formula is working but despite the fact I'm using a contact list in each of the fields, the emails are not showing as contacts and so my automation to them are not sending. Any thoughts on how to fix that?


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