How to format "row" when inserting record into Smartsheet

Hi - i have a Power App where i am assembling data to insert new row in SmartSheet and continue to receive "unable to parse insert row request payload". I have formatted the row via "Compose" action a few different ways to no avail.

Here is latest attempt - note that I am replacing the variables('... using dynamic content and I tried just using the below - same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

[ { "ProjectId":variables('ProjectID'),

"Bill item description":variables('Bill item description'),

"Associated Milestone/Task item/Deliverable":variables('Associated MilestoneTask itemDeliverable'),

"Bill Type":"Hourly Rate",


"Include in invoice to client?":variables('Invoice client'),

"Resource":"[email protected]",

"hourstaging":variables('Invoice client')