Formulas with cell reference calculation error with Smartsheet Automation

Gábor Turza
Gábor Turza ✭✭
edited 07/18/23 in Formulas and Functions


I have some vlookup formula for get data from another sheet with using reference. It is worked till now but today my automated workflows are stopped. This workflows triggered based on cell with these vlookup formulas but I think the result is #Invalid ref when the workflow is checking this value.

The cell history is below and strange. Have you any idea how can I solve this issue?




  • Brad Schutts

    Were you meaning that your automation shouldn't be triggered when the field is #INVALID REF? You could put a beginning conditional to be "is not #INVALID REF".

  • Gábor Turza


    Sorry for late answer I was sick leave in the last few days.

    Thanks your answer but it is not a perfect solution. The value of the cell changes when the user opens the table. Only smartsheet automation user can't calculate these formulas.

    I rebuild all table references and all formulas working fine now. Smartsheet Automation can calculate now.

    Thanks your time.

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