IF Statement with multiple dates an count.



I have a large sheet that I am trying to calculate several dates to populate dependent on a Count in a row field (ie - a count of 0 would generate a date being pulled from one column, and a count of one generating a date from another column).

Columns in Question:

"Was Rejected" - this is a count on either it has text on a rejection reason column (generating a 1) or no text in the reason column (generating a 0)

"Date Requested" - I would want this to populate if it was a 0

"Date Rejected" - I would want this to populate if it was a 1

My current formula is "=IF([Was Rejected?]@row=0, [Date Requested]@row, [Date Rejected]@row) It is returning "#INVALID COLUMN VALUE". Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


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