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Hi everybody!

I'm hoping someone can help me with a solution to this particular feature I'm looking to integrate in my Smartsheets sales system.

I have multiple sales reps in my company. Our Smartsheet system is used to help them keep track of leads they receive from various referral partners, transaction tracking once a lead becomes a client, and financial reporting on working and closed deals.

I created this system housing various sheets and reports within one Workspace where all my sales reps are included on. Some of these sheets are individual "Lead Tracker" sheets for each sales rep. Within these lead trackers we have "Contact" columns titled "Source Name" which indicates the particular referral partner who referred us a lead.

My goal is to allow my sales reps to provide an automated update each week to their referral partners where the referral partner can receive progress updated notes for the leads they send us.

The problem I'm running into is that, we don't necessarily want to invite our referral partners to our entire workspace because that would give them access to everything in it. We just want each individual referral partner to receive a report of all the leads that they sent us.

Does anyone have some advise on how I could integrate this feature into my use case?



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    Hi @RamseyH

    You could create a report for each referral partner to pull data from all sheets with the filter corresponding to "Source Name". You can then send out the report as an attachment by scheduling the emails to go out every week.


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