Creation of smartsheet contacts


Hi Team,

Can an unlicensed user create contacts in a sheet? Will the created contact be visible to everyonein the org plan?

What is the visibility of the contacts created by licensed and unlicensed users? Can they be seen across by all users in the plan or can only be seen/used by the users with whom the sheet/workspace has been shared?


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/26/23

    hi @Selvalaxmi Mudaliar, unless things have changed, this is my understanding:

    • Unlicensed users can create and manage contacts in a sheet. The ability to create and edit contacts is not tied to having a Smartsheet license.
    • Unlicensed users can be added as contacts to sheets, and they can also create new contacts directly within the sheet.
    • Contacts created by both licensed and unlicensed users can be seen by all collaborators within the sheet or workspace where the contacts are added.
    • When a contact is created in a sheet, it becomes part of the sheet's contact list, and it will be visible to all users who have access to that particular sheet or the workspace that contains the sheet.
    • The visibility and usage of contacts are limited to the scope of the sheet/workspace sharing.
    • If a sheet or workspace is shared with specific users or groups, only those users will be able to see and use the contacts within that shared sheet/workspace.
    • Contacts will not be visible to users who do not have access to the sheet or workspace.
  • Selvalaxmi Mudaliar

    Hi@Lucas Rayala. Thank you for the detailed clarification. This helps!!