Meet David Tutwiler, our July Member Spotlight! πŸŽ‰

Alison Clancy
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@David Tutwiler is everywhere in the Smartsheet Community, on platform and off. Not only did he just graduate from the two year Smartsheet Overachiever program, but he was nominated this month by his peers to be our Member Spotlight!

David is currently the Director of Information Technology at SWC, residing in Sweet Home Alabama, US. He was first introduced to Smartsheet when his coworker said the magic words, "Hey, we think we've found this software that can host our project plan." From that point on, he's been "neck-deep" in most of the solutions they've used Smartsheet to build.

Right now, David says his favorite feature is using the Live Web Content widget on dashboards to display forms and Dynamic Views in order to create ticketing systems. However, the solution he's most proud of is the one he created for his church by using Smartsheet to handle event requests and planning.

"We had about three meetings to design solutions for intake (capturing event requests), approval (multi-tiered), planning and execution, and lastly archiving," David explains. "Now, event organizers are sent their entire planning schedule within the initial 'Your event was approved!' notification. They also get scheduled update requests as their task due dates get closer. It took the church from a completely manual process to an almost entirely automated one."

Of his experience in the Overachievers program, David's favorite moments were when the group came together to talk about specific features or solutions. "Meeting everyone at ENGAGE was probably the highlight for most of the Overachievers...Anytime we were able to collaborate, it always made our solutions better."

When it comes to the Smartsheet Community platform, David shares that interacting with content is super important to the longevity of answers.

"I have been on so many posts where people may comment a few weeks, a few months, or even a year later saying that they were running into the exact same problem and found the solution within the community," he says. "Just because the answer was solved for the original poster doesn't mean the post stops becoming useful. Upvotes, Awesomes, and marking posts as the Answer is SUPER helpful and I'd encourage everyone to do it."

Outside of helping others, David is a competitive curler and has attended two national championship tournaments alongside his wife in the last year. He also has an amazing daughter who is curious about everything in the world. (Alison note: Wonder where she gets that from? πŸ˜‰).


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