Getting MEDIAN to work after IF statement


All data is in the same worksheet.

Days to Live is a column formula calculation that usually has a number, but sometimes an error, because there is no live date and it's a column formula (this is fine for me as I don't show it directly).

=MEDIAN({Days to Live}) works fine, even when there are records included that have no live date and the error (invalid data type) is shown.

However, I would like to show (in a roll-up table that populates widgets on a dashboard) the median days to live by individual relationship manager.

I can make the IF({Relationship Manager}....) piece work with just about anything else, but do not get it to work with the MEDIAN statement.

An example of what I think should work is this (give me the median days to live for specific person), but it does not work.

=IF({Relationship Manager},"John Doe", MEDIAN({Days to Live}, " "))

What am I doing wrong?🙏

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