WEEKDAY function returns incorrect day


I have the following formula setup to capture the day of the week:

=IFERROR(IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 1, "Sunday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 2, "Monday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 3, "Tuesday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 4, "Wednesday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 5, "Thursday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 6, "Friday", IF(WEEKDAY([Date Created]@row) = 7, "Saturday"))))))), "")

For the most part, it works fine, however, I have a few rows where it returns the next day.

Example, several rows from 7/24/2023 return Monday, but a few return Tuesday. These rows are being entered via Forms, and were from our local site. I've tried adding the "DATEONLY" function inline, but it returns the same results. Below are a few of my cells showing the Date Created and the above formula's result. I do have a similar issue when our international sites are entering rows, so I'm not sure if that's a time zone issue on their part, but if they are entering via forms, does that even matter, if the user entering the data never accesses the parent sheet?

07/24/23 11:55 PM Tuesday

07/24/23 11:53 PM Tuesday

07/24/23 8:04 PM Tuesday

07/24/23 2:14 PM Monday

07/24/23 11:47 AM Monday



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