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Hello Smartsheet,

I have a sheet with URLs from our website that I need to be able to flag by division. To do this I have set-up a master sheet with the division's name and base URLs. What I need now is a formula to grab the division names from the master sheet. My intent was to set it up as an INDEX(MATCH()) but I realize now that the match function needs the values to be identical (I think at least).

So, what is the best way to grab the division names from the master sheet? Because the links I have are not "" (which is what is on my master sheet as the root URL) they are "", "" etc.

Unfortunately, the division URL's don't even follow the same structures (some are and others are which has made some of my initial thoughts go right out the window.

(For anyone wondering, the list will be getting updated/added to as we find more pages that the divisions need to make corrections/updates to, hence why we need to be able to break them down by division rather than just let them all hangout in huge list our web authors would then have to parse through).


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