SUM formulas for a Dashboard View

Hello SMEs,

I am putting together an Exec. Dashboard where I have created my "calculation sheet" from my few main sheets, and I am trying to create a formula that can SUM up and display on a Pi Chart Widget on my dashboard, the following


1- Client Status (has a defined list of dropped down values - WON, LOST, IN PROGRESS, DELAYED, SIGNED)

2- Expected Revenue $ - each of the above statuses has a different value $) depending on how we scope the project.

I can/ and have, easily SUMMED up the entire column to my "calculation sheet" as a full column and it shows the FULL EXPECTED REVENUE for ALL the statuses listed, not by each though.

What I am trying to do , and having trouble with, is in a separate column on my calc. sheet, is create a formula that SUMS up the total "DELAYED" (and each of the statuses listed as well) values from the entire column along with the total Expected revenue $ for only the DELAYED rows, so that in my Pie Chart, I can show the total expected Rev. for each of the Expected Statuses that are scoped.

Any thoughts??



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