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I am currently working on an IF statement with multiple criteria and I'm having no luck. Basically, I would like the formula to articulate that if a specific manager is selected, then column 6 will multiply the data submitted in column 5 by a specific number, presenting me with its value.

If Column 1 is one of the below:

Manager 1

Manager 2

Manager 3

Then Column 6 should multiply by a specific value associated w/ each manager

Manager 1 value = 5

Manager 2 value = 6

Manager 3 value = 7

They're multiplying the number by the data in Column 5

Row 1 data = 2

Row 2 data = 3

Row 3 data = 4



  • MichaelTCA
    MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/27/23

    Hello @boeshcameron

    Since there isn't really a constant between the variables, one way to go about it is a nice long nested IF function.

    =IF(Info@row=Manager1 , M1 Value * Row 1 Data, IF(Info@row=Manager2, M2 * Row 2 Data, IF(Info@row=Manager3, M3* Row3 Data)))

    I didn't add a false statement in the last IF function if you're wondering why it looks closed early.

    This one isn't too complicated, but some nested IF statements need to be ordered correctly depending on whether you want manager 1 or manager 3 evaluated first, because you can get different values.

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