Return the most recent result that is not blank


I have a collection of Smartsheets that I use to track lab testing for each lot# of product. I'm trying to use the following formula to pull the latest result from sheet "ResultImport".

=INDEX(COLLECT({ResultImport pH}, {ResultImport ProductLot}, ProductLot@row, {ResultImport CreatedDate}, MAX(COLLECT({ResultImport CreatedDate}, {ResultImport ProductLot}, ProductLot@row))), 1)

It works, but it returns a blank if two rows of results have the same day/time and Product-Lot, but the first one contains a blank (due to formatting / the way the results are delivered from the lab).

What I want is the latest result that is not blank. Any ideas? I thought about an IF(ISBLANK()) but I think it would need an increment, so I can't wrap my head around that. Maybe I'm making it too complicated.


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