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Hi, hope everyone is doing well? hoping someone could please help me with this formula, at the moment I am using the below formula to check the % from Score column and give the outcome result in the Result column and this is working fine, just wondering, if there a way I can include ‘Auto Fail’ in the above formula so if Autofail column is ‘Y’ then it will show Result as ‘Auto Fail’ in the Result column?

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=IF([Score]@row < 0.5, "Fail", IF(AND([Score]@row > 0.5, [Score]@row < 0.65), "Pass", IF(AND([Score]@row > 0.64, [Score]@row < 0.75), "Credit", IF(AND([Score]@row > 0.74, Score]@row < 0.85), "Distinction", IF(AND([Score]@row > 0.84, [Score]@row <= 1), "High Distinction")))))

Ex: In the above table, Row2 and Row5 Autofail column is 'Y' so i want the Result to show as 'Auto Fail' in Result column.

Score <50% = Fail

Score >50% and <65% = Pass

Score >64% and <75% = Credit

Score >74% and < 85% = Distinction

Score >84% and <=100% = High Distinction

Autofail = ‘Y’ then Auto Fail to show in Result column.

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