check box if name matches, drop-down result is x, and date is within range


Hi formula wizards!

This is what I want to do: My sheet has a list of customer names and a column with a checkbox for each month of the year. This will be put on a dashboard to show when visits were made to each customer. I did think of adding all these columns to the contact tracker and hiding them, that's also an option - but at the moment I have it as a separate sheet in the "reports" folder.

I've gone as far as I can with the formula, but can't even get that right. Here's where I am so far:

This is for the April column, and doesn't work:

=IF(AND({contact tracker Name column},$[This sheet's Customer column]@row, {Contact Tracker Date column}>(2023,3,31)<2023,5,1),1)

I also need to add: and the drop-down for "type of contact" is "visit".

Is anyone able to work this out with me?

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