Chart Representing Percentages of Completion Status

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Hello all! I am very new to Smartsheet and have been loving the different usages of the platform thus far. I'd very much appreciate this community's help in continuing to learn, as I've been stumped by how to exactly bring a certain idea that I have into fruition.

I am currently developing a new way of conducting my organization's Performance Reviews in Smartsheet using Dynamic View and a dashboard integration for easy teammate navigation. I've added Dynamic Views into two dashboards, one that is viewable by teammates and another by managers. I'd like to include some data breakdowns into the manager dashboards by creating a chart to reflect the status of outstanding reviews. I have 5 categories for review status ('Not Started', 'Complete & Send to Manager', 'Manager Review Complete', 'Ready for Director Submission', 'Send to Director'). These statuses are selected using a dropdown in Dynamic View, then update in the master sheet I have created. I'd like to represent these in a pie chart, with percentages representing the amounts of each status type.

Is this idea achievable in Smartsheet? How would I begin to develop this chart representation on this dashboard? I understand that I may have to use a formula on the master sheet first, but unsure which to use or how to format it.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Huge thanks to this community in helping me learn. 😀

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