Due Date w/Multiple Conditions


Hi Community! I'm looking for some help. I've been tasked with creating a "notice tracker". The team would like the [Due Date]@row to be some what of a dynamic date.

Here is a snip of the sheet and the columns I'll be using.

The sheet is fed via a form. The form has "Response Due Date" but is not required. It will only be populated IF the notice received has a Response required due date. IF NOT then I'm looking to get the Due Date to be 30 days after [Date Created]@row. This is the formula that I had which worked great.

=IF([Response Due Date]@row = "", [Date Created]@row + 30, [Response Due Date]@row)

However, after discussions with the team. They are hoping I can provide a solution which can take this one step further... Below is my attempt at laying out the results in the due date given the conditions.

Please let me know if more info would be helpful

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