Production Downtime Tracking - Crossing the Dateline


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I am attempting to restructure my companies end-of-shift reporting system with smartsheet to facilitate better automated data processing. An issue i am currently dealing with is how to calculate the impact or "Yield" in minutes of line downtime as we cross from one day to another. The formula i initially slapped together is...

([End HR]@row * 60 + [End MIN]@row) - (([Start HR]@row * 60) + [Start Min.]@row)

This is driven by a 24 hour time format entry system and works perfectly for what i was trying to do for 2 of our 3 shifts. 3rd shift starting at 11:00pm (2300 hrs) and ending at 7:00am (0700 hrs) creates a huge "negative" result

I dont want to implement a second date field if i dont need to as these entries are done by hourly staff while working on the shop floor, i'm trying to ensure that the entry form bloat stays to a minimum.

see image for randomly generated sample data and formula testing result.

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