Smartsheet and Google Workspace Users Rejoice!

Darren Mullen
Darren Mullen ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 08/14/23 in Show & Tell

If you are a Google Workspace user, you now have an additional, powerful tool at your disposal to enhance you Smartsheet solution.

Google has announced that its no-code app building platform, Appsheet, is now INCLUDED with Google Workspace!

This a big deal especially for Smartsheet users! That's because you can connect Appsheet to Smartsheet and do things such as:

  • Edit a row in Smartsheet through a form with required fields
  • Create dynamic, cascading Smartsheet dropdown lists in a form that update based on the selection in previous fields
  • Create a calendar view with time components from Smartsheet data
  • Connect Smartsheet data with external sources
  • … And of course much more

Here's a demo of some of these features: