Using Join(Collect to collect data from multiple sheets to populate in (1) cell


I am looking to combine data from (3) sheets into one sheet.

There will be 3 columns: Team, Assignment, and Notes

The cells in the Team and Assignment columns from Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 are populated from a multi-select dropdown lists.

Notes are free type.

Example: p-id on the destination sheet is xx, Sheet1 and Sheet2 have p-id's with xx, Sheet3 does not.

Sheet1 has Team A and Team B

Sheet2 has Team A, Team B and Team C

My desired result in the destination sheet would be Team A, Team B, Team C combined together in the cell removing the duplicate team names.

Same logic would apply for the formula pulling the Assignments.

I am not sure if the Join(Collect formula would work for the Notes requirements.

TIA for your assistance/suggestions!

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