Generate a date 48 months from "Delivered Date" and at the End of Month


I am tracking vehicle leases for our company and I would like to have an "Expiration Date" auto generate 48 months later. The kicker is our leases always end at the end of the month so is there a formula that can generate that for me? I have been able to get the 48 months generated but there is not an EOMONTH function Smartsheet.


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  • Carson Penticuff
    Carson Penticuff ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    There may be other solutions, but here is my approach:

    =IF(ISDATE([Delivered Date]@row), IF(MONTH([Delivered Date]@row) = 12, DATE(YEAR([Delivered Date]@row) + 4, MONTH([Delivered Date]@row), 31), DATE(YEAR([Delivered Date]@row) + 4, MONTH([Delivered Date]@row) + 1, 1) - 1))


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