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Hello, in a project plan sheet I have tasks in certain rows of sheet that are defaulting with a specific future date for no reason - there are no dependencies, it's not the project start date, so I'd like to ask what are other root causes for this behavior. Duration calculates correctly for the end date, but the start date is overwriting as 10/11/2023 no matter what I try to type in it. Other task rows are not having this problem. When I try to recreate the tasks in rows above in this same general vicinity, it's the same behavior and I cannot figure out why.

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  • Tara Patton
    Tara Patton ✭✭✭
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    @jamiefico I was able to get help from support on my plan. Somehow a predecessor had been added to one of my grandparent rows (human error on my part) and that was causing all subtasks to update to the date in October. I took a quick look at the screenshot you posted above, and it looks like you have a predecessor for your "Communications" header row (predecessor is row 312). The date for the Comm row is 10/11/23 which is what is impacting all of the subtasks. Try removing that predecessor and see if that fixes it. Fingers crossed!