Calendar/Card View To Manage Shifting Priority Dates


Hi -

I'm managing an effort where new projects come in every day and each project has to be evaluated and prioritized with existing projects. I was hoping to create a combination of a card and calendar view, where we could easily see projects with overlapping due dates and then prioritize them. It is similar to resource leveling only from a project perspective.

The calendar view only shows the project number and we would need to see the date the request was received, internal response date and final deliverable date, stacked up against other projects that are running in parellel. In short, we can't easily see enough information for quick decision making.

I really like the card view, but I want the card view columns to equate to calendar dates and show the work stacked up by the various dates we have.

This isn't a project where we have tickets to respond to, but it's similar from a management perspective because we need to constantly assess and adjust priorities and understand the impact to existing projects as new projects come in.

I've started looking at Gantt view too, as it is helpful, but it can be hard to see how work is really staking up against each other.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.